Call for COVID-19 impressions

You can participate by filling out this form:, or by sending your files to eveline[dot]vervliet[at]hotmail[dot]com.

As a member of Collectief Publiek Geluid, I’m setting up a project around sound in public space in times of the coronavirus.

We are all in quarantine right now, and that’s a good thing. It’s necessary to limit the spreading of the virus as much as possible.
As you know, the lockdown has many consequences for the situation in public space:

  • Usually very busy places are almost abandoned;
  • Many (semi-)public buildings like libraries and shopping centers are closing their doors;
  • On the other hand, city parks and popular hiking trails tend to be more crowded at the moment. But these places might be closed by the government very soon as well…

This is a frightening but also a fascinating time, and like many others I feel the need to document our experience of this situation.
Therefore, I want to build a collection of field recordings of public places that are affected by the COVID-19 crisis, accompanied by small texts about the impressions of the person who made the recording. I will assemble the submitted works in an online database.

Would you like to contribute to this project? You could do that by recording an audio fragment of 1-5 minutes in a public place close to your home. Additionally, I ask for descriptive texts that tell your personal experience.
Please take in account the following guidelines when submitting a work:

  • Use a WAV-file for the audio.
  • Give the GPS coordinates.
  • Give your recording a title.
  • Add a short description of the recorded environment and the moment of recording.
  • Add a short description of the audio track. (This is not the same as the previous description.)
  • Add a short description of your experience. This can (but should not) include your experience during the preparation, your thoughts and sensations during the recording, as well as your reflection on the whole process.

Need some inspiration? Check out this post.

You don’t need to have professional equipment to contribute, a phone recording can be good enough (when it isn’t too windy). Contrary to other field recording initiatives that arise at the moment, the focus of this collection is on the personal aspect. I am not only collecting sounds, but also individual experiences and impressions on the changing form, function and soundscape of public space during the current pandemic.

The collection will be a starting point for a new composition.

You can participate by filling out this form:, or by sending me an email at eveline[dot]vervliet[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Take care!

This project is an individual traject within the group Collectief Publiek Geluid.
In collaboration with C-Takt and Musica, impulse centre for music.

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