Transit Festival

Last Sunday, my composition Proprius Capio was premiered at Transit Festival, as part of a concert organised by Matrix. Here you can read a review (in Dutch) by Ben Taffijn. I wrote Proprius Capio during the Nadar Summer Academy in July 2017. The title is Latin for the word ‘proprioception’, one’s ability to sense the position and movement of his body without the help of one of his senses. We could call it our sixth sense. After reading the story of a woman who lost her proprioception in the book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat by neurologist Oliver Sacks, I asked myself how it would be not to lose the feeling with your body, but with your instrument. Proprius Capio is an attempt to illustrate this concept.

I also played the alto part in Quakea, a quartet for 4 ‘Ikea’ baskets, composed by the duo Jasper&Jasper. The following text is a description from their website: It consists of a framework, bicycle tires, some contact microphones and a software package that runs in the background. By restricting any other interfaces, sensors or electronic control mechanisms, it creates the illusion that every sound is coming from the instrument itself. The interaction with the computer proceeds by analysing the acoustical sounds in many ways (with the so-called pitch, amplitude, spectrum & duration).

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