LAbO (August 2019)

The last 10 days of my holiday I spend in Antwerp, participating in the interdisciplinary arts project LAbO, an initiative by ChampdAction. Coached by 8 greatly inspiring artists (also super kind people!), we – 45 adventurous participants – created 17 divers projects, both performances and installations.

I’m so grateful for this experience! I learned a great deal: through the participation in workshops and lectures, through the inspiring conversations/discussions with coaches and other participants, through the act of creating – which includes experimenting, ‘failing’ (or feeling as if something/you failed), getting up again and experimenting even more – and through experiencing others’ experiments and creations. After only three days, the full scope of what this experience brought me is not at all clear to me, but I can already detect some changes in my views on art and interdisciplinarity, on the possibilities of technology ( specifically thanks to coaches Stefano, Constantinos, Marko and Frederik), on the value of (civil) disobedience (thanks to the conversations around this theme and Lieven de Cauter’s lecture), and on being an artist (thanks to everyone).

Thank you coaches, thank you participants, and thank you ChampdAction, deSingel, Fontys and the technical team! Hopefully see you again at another edition.

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